Jungle flight experience in Chiang Mai

For thrill seekers and natural lovers alike there has never been a more exciting way to explore the tropical rainforest just 45 min. southeast of Chiang Mai. Fly like a Gibbon on the unique cable system from tree to tree trough a lush panorama of nature.We take you high into the canopy using an ingenious system of platforms, tree houses, cables and sky bridges.

The tour begins with a short briefing in how to use the cable system to glide between the treetops. Fore most of the time you are 40 to 50 meters above the rainforest floor to enjoy the phenomenal views.

Experienced guides will accompany you always trough this unique and amazing tour.

- Zipline
- Abseiling
- Sky bridges
- Winding stairs


Flight of the Gibbon: Baht 3'599.- -
39 Plattfroms, longest distance from tree to tree 800 meters.

Skyline Adventure: Baht 2'000.--
48 Platforms, longest distance from tree to tree 900 merters.

Prices includes:
- Transprotation
- English speaking guides
- Lunch

Prices are per person!

A Jungle flight experience you can book online or at the Guesthouse travel agency tours desk!

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Gibbon fly_3
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